“Death is the mother of beauty,” said Henry. “And what is beauty?” “Terror.” 

daniel radcliffe as richard papen / zane holtz as henry winter / michael pitt as bunny corcoran / eddie redmayne as francis abernathy / lea seydoux as camilla macaulay / dane dehaan as charles macaulay

In Another Universe: Diane ‘Ian’ Gallagher and Mickey ‘Fuck Off, It’s Not Short For Anything’ Milkovich

I think sometimes people are scared of the critique. I get it - it’s terrifying when images go online within half an hour. But passing judgement on someone else is a reflection of your own insecurities. We all make mistakes. We all have a fashion faux pas, choose the wrong script, write the wrong song. But it’s only by taking chances and occasionally getting it wrong that we grow.

"I feel like the stereotypical popular girl isn’t usually portrayed with the intellect card as well. So that was nice that we were able to have both."


oh mY GOSH


Bunny gave him a long, hard look. “Jesus,” he said. “What you doing, burying the dead?
Henry smiled. “Actually, it’s very lucky you happened by.” 

Grantaire shows a bit of surprising compassion at the rainy bus stop after a particularly heated L’ABC meeting… Enjolras doesn’t know how to compute. 

“He knew very well - irritatingly well - how handsome he was, with his superior smile and his marigold-colored hair streaming out behind him in the blue water, like the laughing merman in Edie’s illustrated Tennyson :

Who would be
A merman bold
Sitting alone
Singing alone
Under the sea
With a crown of gold?
— Donna Tartt, The Little Friend (via camilla-macauley)