the day I stop drawing Enjolras will be the day they sign my death certificate


Bastille Challenge: 4/6 songs → ❝Oblivion❞


The Marble Lover of Liberty. 

It was refreshing in a way that out of all of Jesse’s problems, he didn’t have a problem with being gay. How did you feel about that going in?

Dane DeHaan: It’s something that always attracted me to the role. Especially on TV and in entertainment today, gay issues are so prominent that the main issue of a gay character is almost always that he is gay, when in fact it’s not really something that has to be addressed or has to be an issue. Jesse has a lot more to deal with than the fact that the people he happens to be attracted to are males. He has a whole slew of problems…
In this day and age, I think it’s very important for people who have a problem with homosexuality, or think it’s this or that, to realize that it’s just a natural part of somebody. x


if you dont like Scrubs, youre wrong

"…my life, for the most part, has been very stale and colorless. Dead, I mean. The world has always been an empty place to me. I was incapable of enjoying even the simplest things. I felt dead in everything I did.’ He brushed the dirt from his hands. ‘But then it changed,’ he said. ‘The night I killed that man."

Francis Abernathy, The Secret History

Only the day before Francis, in a swish of black cashmere and cigarette smoke, had brushed past me in a corridor. For a moment, as his arm touched mine, he was a creature of flesh and blood, but the next he was a hallucination again, a figment of the imagination stalking down the hallway as heedless of me as ghosts, in their shadowy rounds, are said to be heedless of the living.